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workJuila Ioffe is a regular RUSSIA! contributor. She has written for The New Yorker, The New Republic, Columbia Journalism Review, and other publications. After stints as a fact-checker at The New Yorker and editor of a web start-up called Big Think, Ioffe moved on to the Knight Foundation Case Studies Initiative at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism where she writes case studies about tough calls in journalism. She also peddles her writing and reporting on the side.
lifeIoffe immigrated to the United States in 1990. At Princeton, she studied the most impractical and least lucrative of subjects - Soviet History - and successfully avoided law school. Formerly a New Yorker, she is a freelance writer and journalist living in Moscow.

High Note

Former Russian intelligence operative builds $150,000 stereo systems out of his basement.

The Jig is Up, Was Brought to You by the Government

I knew it. That popular music-channel hip-hop show promoting “a healthy lifestyle” was not for realisies, but was instead a propaganda ploy.

Soup to Nettles

In 1861, the year Tsar Alexander II freed the serfs, Elena Molokhovets published her domestic bible, “A Gift to Young Housewives, or the Means of Lowering Household Expenses.” She explained how to feed the servants, how to pick the freshest meat...

Hold Tight, Hillary: Russia Just Got Scarier

If any proof were needed that the Russian political system operates in its own time-space continuum, it came this morning, when the parliament decided to deal with the country's economic meltdown by amending its constitution...

Russians Crying For Yeltsin? Nyet

The death of a great statesman, however flawed he or she might have been, is an occasion for soft-focus nostalgia. But Boris Yeltsin's passing isn't stirring up any warm fuzzies in the hearts of his countrymen...

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